History of Lorne Park Baptist Church

Lorne Park Baptist Church began as an outreach of Parkdale Baptist Church in the City of Toronto. A small group of believers saw the need for a church extension work in the south end of present day Mississauga — then known simply as Lorne Park. A temporary building was erected on a piece of land on Indian Road, with the permission of the owners, covering an area approximately 12’ x 20’. On the first Sunday in May 1920, Lorne Park Baptist Church was founded. The first pastor was J.C. Williamson. In a short time, the little church began to grow. Most of the early pastors were divinity students who served the church part-time, and so the pastorates were not very long. These theology students from McMaster University (then located in downtown Toronto) would take the bus or train to Lakeshore Road, and then walk across the fields to where the little church stood. The early days were filled with many challenges, but God blessed the work of these early church pioneers.

In 1925, the “white” church on Indian Road was built, providing more permanent space for the congregation. This building would service the church needs for the next forty years. In 1967, the church moved to its present site, just a few blocks up from the old building. This modern facility was built with numerous rooms and a large lower hall. In 1978 an addition was built, adding a Christian education wing of three floors, a church office and a large foyer in the front. In 1999 another wing was added, including a full service elevator, pastor’s office and more storage rooms.

Since the early days of student pastors, the church has enjoyed longer, stable pastorates. From the mid-1960’s on, the church has had four pastors: Rev. Harold Cowie, Rev. Clarence Lohnes, Dr. Bruce Neal, Rev. Dale Rose and since 2015, Rev. Justin Joplin. Over the years, Lorne Park Baptist Church has shared the Christian message with the Mississauga community. It continues to be a witness of God’s love and faithfulness.