Friendship, prayer support, and an opportunity to participate in learning opportunities in the casual comfort of a private home – Home Groups at Lorne Park Baptist Church form the core of church fellowship

At a typical Home Group meeting expect to:

  • Chat with others in the group, catch up on the events in each others’ lives
  • Plan service projects; from packing baskets for neighbourhood families for Christmas distribution, to providing soup for church fellowship lunches, to providing dinners for local drop-in centres such as the Compass (for families) and the Dam (for youth)
  • Engage in lively discussion over a recent book, a Bible study, or the previous week’s sermon
  • Spend time in prayer over concerns that have been shared among the group
  • Enjoy fellowship over light refreshments

To be connected with a Home Group in your neighbourhood (one group meets in Oakville, four in south Mississauga, one in central Mississauga and one in Meadowvale), or a group in which others at your life stage participate (e.g. young adults, career & family focused, early retired)

For contact information to sign up for a Home Group, please click here.