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  • Lunch on Apr. 2

    Lunch, Lebanon and LPBC’s Refugee Family: Following the service you are invited to lunch (mac and cheese meal prepared by Wendy Wozny). Responding to refugee needs in Lebanon & here in our community – how you can help. Hear how God is working in amazing ways through our involvement with refugees both overseas in the […]


  • Family Fun

    Take a peek and all the events. Mark the dates in your calendar. Plan to attend! Wonderful ways to connect with others and share in the gift of life Christ gives. Save Save


  • Sunday Services Now at 10 a.m.

    Lorne Park Baptist has moved to one service on Sunday at 10 a.m. During early 2017 the congregation will have opportunities to provide input and perspectives on what worship might look like at LPBC in the future.


  • Syrian Refugee Family

    The Puzzle is Complete and a Family is Coming! A Syrian Refugee family has been selected for LPBC sponsorship through CBOQ and we have accepted. We hope to welcome this young family seeking a better life in Canada in the next few months. Mom and Dad have 3 young children, 2 boys ages 8 and […]


  • Prayers Through the Week

    Mar 4 – 20, 2017  Praising God for His authority and power  Thanking God that he is One in three persons and that Jesus is “The One” and only perfect sacrifice for sin  For this Lenten time that it will be one of awe – filled reverence for all of us who […]


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